Cameron Stewart Biography

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1975, Cameron is a dual citizen with the United Kingdom, and has lived in both territories. At a young age, Cameron knew almost immediately that he wanted to be an artist.

His first big break came in 1999 when he was called upon to create storyboard illustrations for the Sony/Dreamworks Animation series Men In Black, which was based on the popular film franchise and directed by Darwyn Cooke. This assignment was followed by a portfolio review session at San Diego Comic Con in 1999 after which he was hired by DC Comics to draw an issue of Scooby Doo, his first experience drawing comics and the beginning of what would evolve into a long career with DC.

Cameron’s career in comic art has continued on over the years. He has worked on a wide variety of characters including and as an illustrator for his work on major titles such as Detective Comics, Hellblazer, Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Batman Incorporated, The Invisibles, Multiversity:Thunderworld and more.

Cameron’s work can be seen in author Chuck Palahniuk’s sequel to the acclaimed cult novel Fight Club as well as DC Comics’ pop art, young adult revamp of Batgirl, which became popular with fans both in books and merchandising. In 2014 Cameron published his own work, a long-form graphic novel he would introduce as a serialized webcomic. Sin Titulo was a semi-autobiographical noir thriller inspired by the works of David Lynch and Haruki Murakami.

His work has been widely recognized and nominated for or honored with numerous accolades including the prestigious Eisner, Shuster, Eagle, and Harvey awards. Cameron co-founded the Royal Academy of Illustration and Design (RAID), a collective of freelance comic book artists, writers and illustrators.

These days, Cameron spends most of his time sitting at his drawing table or computer working on projects. Besides art, he is an avid film-watcher who says that most of his work is influenced by his deep interest in visual storytelling, including movies, television, long-form video games, and animation.